The Jackpots in Marvel Slots

A few words here should be said on the subject of jackpots that can be won at Marvel slots. When it comes to jackpots that can be won at Marvel Universe slots they really aren't that much different from any other online slot game. Since they are so closely related to the different types of slot machines, there are basically 2 different types of jackpots that can be won:

Regular Marvel Slot Jackpots

If you played online slots not on gamstop with jackpots before, you noticed that they pay out certain amounts of credits depending on which symbols align themselves on the payline. The amount of your winnings is listed for each combination on the pay table that accompanies each slot machine. So is the case with Marvel slots. In many cases, there are smaller jackpots that comes in form of matching the certain number of wild symbols.

Jackpot in Fantastic Four Slot Game

Great example of this is Fantastic Four slot game. In it, if you manage to match five of the game logo symbols (which is basially a red number 4), you will enjoy payout of x10,000 of your stake.

Iron Man Slot Game Jackpot

Another great example of these bonuses is in Iron Man slot game. This particular slot game will reward various cash rewards to person who hits the jackpot! It also comes with Oscar worth animation of Tony Stark flying up in the sky and shooting twelve rockets. It's just stunning.

Progressive Marvel Slot Jackpots:

Progressive slot machines have an extra treat in store for the player: a constant ticker that counts up, raising the jackpot with every play. This special slot machine jackpot is hit at random by a lucky gamer, and often results in the largest of all the possible jackpots in a casino!

The Avengers Progressive Jackpot 

Since most of the Marvel slot games have this feature built-in, it is hard to pick one that stands out. The one we really liked is 'The Avengers slot game', which can make you a fortune. Why is this Marvel progressive video slot so different from the others? Well, you can win it regardless of bet amount - yes, you can play it for a penny and still hit a big win! Regardless of that, the jackpot can be won in regular spins as well as in number of bonus games that this slot has. Once you trigger a jackpot game, it will take you to second screen where you pick yourself hidden symbols from list of 20. If you are lucky enough to hit three of the same kind - you may just became a millionaire.