Spiderman Marvel Slot Information’s


Spiderman Marvel slot is unique

There is something special that you must love about Marvel super hero slot machine because they are always really damn good with lots of features and wonderfully crafted graphics. No matter if you are comic book fan or not, you will surely enjoy these slots since they bring a lot to a table.Spiderman video slots is no exception too, it totally lives up to its predecessors. As other Marvel video slot game it really does a wonderful job of entertaining. It comes with 2 excellent bonus features, and it manages to produce some hefty wins that we are sure, you will enjoy. Let's be honest, we are here for them. Once thing is certain about Spiderman slot game - you won't find yourself stuck in a web with this slot machine, no!

Bonus Games - the real Spiderman slot MVP

The game comes to us with two bonus games. They are triggered when you hit 3 or more Spiderman symbols on the reels - don't worry, this does happen often, so you won't miss big wins. Once you hit 3 symbols the feature that follows it up allows you first the choice of playing free games, or choosing to play the Venom Feature. Going with free games will get you 15 free games where all prizes are doubled - this one is more of a safe option. If you play the Venom feature, you'll have to guide Spiderman through the city streets in order to find and defeat Venom. This particular feature is more of a gambling/gaming kid to be completely honest. It will end if you lead Spiderman into a dead-end street.

Moneymaking Feature - Spider Web Feature

Spidey slot game also comes to us with the second feature called Spider Web feature. This one is also cool and it can be acquired when and if you hit Spiderman on reels 2 and 4. Triggering this feature will make all the positions on reel 3 become wild card substitutes. This one is it! The true money-maker! Oh yeah, also all the wins are re-calculated giving you additional wins!


Bonuses do make this game stands out in Marvel slots universe. Unlike X-Men Marvel slot game, this one has that small second screen game that we all love and enjoy. They really do bring a lot of fun and good money overall.